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"Still over the stove cookin' that raw/ And I analyzed the game when Killa took me on tour/ All the G's salutin' me bitches screamin' my name/ Felt good to be on stage rocks gleam from the chain/ I put my life on paper when I record my music/ You can look me in my eyes and see it's more than music"

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"The Black Martha Stewart/ I can show you how to do this!/ Break down pies to pieces/ Make cocaine quiches"

The 'chives


How to use $imon Bentley, a guide by me.

Where is everything?
If you are talking about where to find the Archives or a list of the Recent Posts, you can find all of this information and more in the pull down menu. Simply, click on the hanging Andrew Jackson and pull down the menu. You can also search the site for content you might find interesting.

I still can't see the pull down menu. Am I doing something wrong?
I hope that you are clicking on the hanging Andrew Jackson and not actually trying to pull it. If the menu doesn't pull down, you probably need to update your browser. I created $imon Bentley using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and the latest version of Firefox ( I've experienced problems with the pull down menu using older versions of Firefox.

I want to comment, how can I do that?
The typical format of the posts goes like this: title, date, number of current comments. Simply click on the number and it will lead you to a page that shows you the current comments for that particular post. Click on "think about it, speak on it, click here." The familiar blogger styled comments page will show up and you know what to do from there. Afterwards, your comments will show up above the two men looking in awe on the $imon Bentley comments page.

Can you promote my music for me?
We at $imon Bentley are committed to providing exposure for struggling artists. Typically, $imon Bentley will focus on Hip-Hop music, but we are open to all types of music. You can send an e-mail to: simonsaysgetmoney@gmail.com. We will give your music our ears and time. If we like it, we'll put it up. If we don't, please don't give up and we encourage you to try again. We would also a like some sort of biographical information so that we don't have to make shit up.

When will you update?
Our goal is to update frequently per week. At the least, we want to make one major post a week so as to keep our readers entertained and loyal.

There's a problem with the design!
Please e-mail us so that we may fix it as quickly as possible.

I'm interested in joining your movement. What can I do?
We are very open to allowing guest writers and what not. If you really want to work with $imon Bentley, send us an e-mail and we will try to work something out.

I'm an artist. I'm a designer. I want some exposure too.
Well, you are in luck. $imon Bentley wishes to become an all encompassing blog and we are open to your submissions (by e-mail). Similar to the requirements for struggling musicians, we ask that you send us some sort of biographical information.

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