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"Still over the stove cookin' that raw/ And I analyzed the game when Killa took me on tour/ All the G's salutin' me bitches screamin' my name/ Felt good to be on stage rocks gleam from the chain/ I put my life on paper when I record my music/ You can look me in my eyes and see it's more than music"

Search the whip


"The Black Martha Stewart/ I can show you how to do this!/ Break down pies to pieces/ Make cocaine quiches"

The 'chives

To the Commonwealth

I'm heading to DC for the weekend. I'll be hanging around the GMU and GWU areas and hopefully hitting up Georgetown for some losing of paper. I have a couple of films to watch for a class at the APA Film Festival, but I'm hoping to slip out and have a look around. I heard that Commonwealth is opening a store in the DC area somewhere on Florida Ave. (according to last month's Complex). If that's the case, I'm definitely going to hit it up because it's definitely one of my favorite spots situated on the Atlantic. I've only been able to get into the store a handful of times, but their internet shop keeps it poppin'. So if anybody has any further information on the opening, drop me a line quick. I've been lucky during my trips to DC. I just happened to wander into an Urban Outfitters (because of a girl) and I ended up finding a new, interesting colorway of Ice Cream Board Flips (on one of the sales reps) and these dope maple/orange Nike Dunks. I just copped some Premium Levi's so I'm in the hole, but I'm not against droppin' on some new kicks. What can I say, "I'm a Nike head... I'm an addict for sneakers."

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  • Anonymous Jerome says so:
    9/29/2006 9:19 PM  

    Commonwealth isn't open yet. Its gonna open in Adams Morgan, but its gonna be a quick minute before it opens. Get at me though, there are a few hidden spots in DC. top